Given the complexity of brain injury, you need someone with the skills, experience and dedication to manage your situation comprehensively. We offer a boot camp style approach for intensive rehab through to ongoing weekly intervention as well as group fitness circuits. You can either come and see us in our fully equipped rehab gym, or at your home or local gym. We are all about trying to get you as independent as possible. Once you have achieved your goals, this often means helping to set you up with a long-term exercise and rehab program with a family member, carer or local trainer.

Depending on the extent of the brain injury, intensive therapy may be indicated if you are wanting to achieve functional changes. Examples of this would be trying to improve independence in how you transfer on and off the toilet, how you get in and out of bed, how you prepare a meal, or how well you can walk. Two of our specialist programs, HANDS UP! Upper Limb Boot Camp, and STAND, WALK, RUN have been designed to help you create this change. Both programs offer up to 45 hours worth of therapy over two weeks and have shown extraordinary results to date.

Therapy in the community often involves many different therapists and coordinators of care. We can help to navigate this process, as well as how to deal with compensible bodies, suppliers, NDIS and other agencies. Working together, our team of therapists (physios, OTs, exercise physiologists and neuromuscular orthotist) can provide you with a one-stop-shop to avoid additional referral and communication troubles.

Call us!

This is usually the best way to find out if we are what you need and can help you to address your rehab and capacity building needs.

Book your first consultation

Once we have gathered the relevant information we can get you booked in with the right therapist. Sometimes this might involve deciding between several disciplines to determine the best way to get started. Don’t worry, our intake process will guide you all the way.

Have your first session.

This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you might have, tell your story and have your clinician assess your needs and your goals. We can see you at your home, our clinic in St Leonards, in your office, gym or local pool – or a combination! We even have a telerehab option to support you if you live remotely.

Decide on your future plan

Following this, a comprehensive plan will be developed with you. In some cases, you may also need a report produced to support your future plans.

NB: If we can’t help you at this point for any reason, we will probably be able to direct you to the service that can.