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NeuroFit is an 8-week exercise program that is tailored to improve your fitness after a being diagnosed with a neurological condition. NeuroFit incorporates a range of exercises to improve fitness, strength and balance to lessen the impacts that neurological impairments have on your life. Small group classes and access to the best facilities for neurological rehab set NeuroFit apart as an industry leading neurological rehab program. If you know anyone who has had a stroke, traumatic brain injury etc then NeuroFit is for them!!

Life After Diagnosis

After a person has been diagnosed with a neurological condition it is common for them to experience a loss in conditioning that may involve one or more of the following:

  • Decreased aerobic capacity
  • Decreased strength
  • Decreased muscle size
  • Decreased balance

Practically, this may impact on a person’s ability to complete normal daily activities such as cleaning, working or ability to interact in social settings. Compounding this deconditioning, neurological conditions often come with specific impairments such as spasticity, lowered muscle tone or contractures. Neurological research often links deconditioning and neurological impairments as working together to increase the impact that a disease has on an individual’s life. As such, improving conditioning may lessen the impact that the impairments have.

There is a need for people with neurological conditions to build and maintain as much aerobic capacity, strength and balance as possible to lessen the impact of impairments on their daily activities.



The Neuro Gym is a circuit program conducted in our specialist neuro rehab gym. The Neuro Gym provides access to state of the art equipment in a supervised environment where all circuits are supervised by a Senior Neurological Physiotherapist. 

The benefits of using our Neuro Gym are that each person has their own tailored exercise program so they can continue to receive all the benefits of rehab and exercise at a reduced price. This is great for clients who are on a supervised or self-managed program and need fitness and strength training or who enjoy the motivating environment of our gym.

OUR NEURO GYM provides

  • All the benefits of general health and fitness
  • Social, motivating and engaging environment
  • Tailored and individualised exercise programs that may include strength and conditioning, balance, flexibility, endurance training as well as functional task training.

People with conditions such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, MS, Polio, HSP, Parkinson’s disease are all welcome…

No referral is required however an initial assessment is essential. Medicare and health fund rebates are available. For more information and to make a booking please call the office 9906 7777.


Improving the lives of people with neurological and complex therapy needs.