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Are you new to us?

Are you concerned about the way that you walk or the way that your arm doesn't move like it should? Have you had a stroke or brain injury many years ago but think that you could be doing better? Have you been diagnosed with a progressive neurological condition like Parkinson's disease, MS or Motor Neuron Disease and are unsure who to speak to? Are you unsure if a neurological physiotherapist or occupational therapist can help? Do you want to speak with someone who can help with planning for your NDIS plan?


We offer new patients an expert telerehab consultation with one of our Senior Neurological Physiotherapists. During this 20 minute consultation, you can get your questions answered by an specialist in movement and neurological rehabilitation.

1. If we can help further, we'll let you know what your options are - obligation free.

2. If we can't, we will do our best to refer you on to someone who can help you.

It is a win/win opportunity to start achieving your rehabilitation goals. Following your online consultation, you will receive a report outlining the session and future recommendations. Given we are leaders in the field of neurological rehabilitation in Australia, this is a fantastic opportunity to take the next step.


To get started, you simply need to contact the clinic to make a booking. We will then get in contact via email or phone to clarify your details before your scheduled appointment. We offer a range of morning and afternoon sessions each week to suit your needs.


Telerehab offers the convenience of an expert consultation without the difficulties and logistics associated with transportation. We find this suits our rural and regional clients very well and just as often, our current Sydney clients who require advice and a quick review.  To use our telerehab option, it is important that you have access to internet and a webcam for your session. We ensure your privacy by using an encripted software program and will send you a unique login link once you have registered for the consultation. 

If you would prefer a face to face consult, please book using the same booking form to your right.

*$52.95 for the consult. In order to receive a full refund, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange the medicare rebate through the GP under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan BEFORE the consultation. Private Health Insurance rebates are also available.

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  1. This is a low cost opportunity to ask those nagging questions and have them answered by an expert
  2. We will give you honest recommendations about your rehab options regardless of whether they include us and our service or not
  3. We pride ourselves on our reputation and skill and we treat our patients how we would like our close family members to be treated. You will not find a service more invested in your outcome

Improving the lives of people with neurological and complex therapy needs.