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LSVT BIG: Big movements for BIG living.

LSVT BIG training was launched in 2007 in the USA, taken from the established and highly successful LSVT LOUD program. LSVT BIG is designed on the principles of LSVT LOUD and is a certification workshop which enables therapists to become an LSVT BIG practitioner.

LSVT BIG for patients is a standardised, supervised intensive 4 week training course which is high effort, repetitive and empowering with a focus on amplitude i.e. "bigness‟ of movement. Patients are expected to attend the centre four times a week for an hour in addition to doing a home exercise program daily throughout the program. It can only be delivered by a certified physiotherapist or occupational therapist that has completed the LSVT BIG training. By training patients to use bigger movements "automatically‟ in everyday living means LSVT BIG training has shown significant improvements for over two years following participation in the individual training program.

LSVT BIG is appropriate for people with Parkinson's Disease who are mainly affected by slow and small movements. This is commonly seen as shuffling steps, small arm swing when walking, difficulty writing, dressing or doing up buttons.  The earlier you start LSVT BIG the better because exercise has been shown to be neuroprotective and is good for the brain! 


Improving the lives of people with neurological and complex therapy needs.