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HANDS UP! Upper limb Boot Camp

Hands Up brings together the best available equipment, team and evidence. If you want to get your arm and hand moving again then do not leave it to chance. Call us now!

Here are the 3 most important things you need to get your upper limb moving:

  • INTENSITY - We have ways of making you move! You need to use your arm and hand a lot to get recovery. Our program is 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks. 
  • EQUIPMENT - Our cutting edge equipment will make your journey easier and more fun, especially if you have minimal movement to start with
  • TEAM - Experience matters. Our specialist therapists have experience tailoring your program to help you achieve your rehab goals

The specialist equipment we can offer you access to includes:

  • SAEBOFLEX: Dynamic hand splint designed to increase practice at home and improve grip release and shoulder strength.
  • BIONESS: Specialised electrical stimulation device designed to enhance gross motor grasp and release in the hand.
  • PABLO: Sophisticated interactive computer software program designed to drive intensity and function in your rehab.
  • SAEBO REJOYCE: Sophisticated interactive computer software designed to drive intensity and function in your rehab.
  • ABLE M: Interactive computer software that makes doing rehab engaging, fun and available for home training
  • JINTRONIX: Coming soon

UPPER LIMB GROUP: Access the team and the best equipment in a group environment. Held daily in the gym. 

POST-BOTOX PROGRAMS: Get the most out of your Botulinum Toxin therapy with a structured upper limb program.

HOME BASED REHABILITATION: If you can’t make it into our centre, our home based team can see you at home.  We are the preferred service provider with most third party agencies and cover most of Sydney offering specialised physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

Watch more Hands Up! Success Stories here... 

bioness for hand therapy after stroke 

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