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Held every Friday, the Orthotics and Gait Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that aims to maximise your walking and function. Using biomechanical analysis, we can isolate the specific impairments that are holding you back and prescribe the most appropriate orthotic or gait training intervention. Orthotics can be used as a temporary or permanent strategy and are tailored to you and your unique situation.

Orthotics can include a range of pre-fabricated devices ranging from Dictus and Toe-off through to custom orthotics such as Dynamic GRAFO and Stance Control. We can also prescribe a range of functional electrical stimulation devices and are the fitting clinic for Walk Aid and Bioness.

Once an orthotic has been fitted, gait training is essential to ensure your optimal function, efficiency and progress. This is conducted by the physiotherapy team in collaboration with the neuromuscular Orthotist. 

 bilateral dynamic grafo



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