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December Gold Star Award 2017!

Mohammad had a stroke in May 2016, leading to severe weakness in his right side. After 3 months in rehab, he was discharged home with his wife as his main carer. When he started therapy with ARC in January 2017 he needed maximal assistance for all transfers and he could take a few steps holding on to a rail with maximal assistance from a therapist. His big goal was to be able to walk again. Mohammad made very good progress over the following weeks until he was unfortunately unable to continue therapy due to a funding issue.

When he resumed therapy 3 months later in July 2017 he had lost much of his strength, was very tired and needed more and more assistance from his carers to complete his daily tasks. But due to his extraordinary determination and the fabulous support of his family and carers he was soon back on track!

Mohammad is now able to walk short distances in his house with a quad stick and the help of his wife. He only needs minimal assistance to transfer from the bed into his wheelchair and he is even able to go down the 4 steps into his living room with assistance – even though the rail is on the “wrong” side. He cannot use his right hand to support him he needs to reach across with his left hand when he steps up as the rail is on his right side! What a big task!

Mohammad continues to work hard and has already set his next goal: he wants to walk down and up the small ramp in front of the house to get to the car. And finally, he wants to be able to walk without the assistance of his wife!

Keep going Mohammad, you’re doing great!

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