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ARC's Vestibular Physiotherapist, Vanessa Simpson, trains the therapy staff at Liverpool Hospital!

For many years I have had a keen interest in vestibular physiotherapy and I now focus my entire career in this area! It was an absolute pleasure to share my knowledge with Liverpool Hospital physiotherapy staff and I was delighted to be asked to conduct a workshop. Liverpool Hospital contacted me highlighting a gap in their services and the need for their therapy staff to skill up in this area. Vestibular physiotherapy is a specialist area and many of their emergency department staff are expected to know about all areas of physiotherapy and when to refer on. Liverpool saw a  need to train their staff in vestibular rehab and I was only too pleased to assist! 


Over the past few years vestibular physiotherapy has gradually been gaining momentum and research now supports that vestibular rehabilitation has a significant positive impact on our clients. Physiotherapy has an essential role to play with these clients through specialist assessment and tailoring an individualised treatment programme. The ultimate goal is to resolve and/or improve symptoms! So why are these clients sometimes being missed?


In the acute hospital setting vestibular screening is not routinely implemented. It is not uncommon for me to assess and treat patients that have been dizzy for years! Dizziness is complex and determining the cause of symptoms can be tricky to unpick! My training workshop focused on training physiotherapists about how to identify vestibular conditions in the acute, out patient and community settings. We explored central (brain) versus peripheral (inner ear) causes and how to differentiate the two. Participants enjoyed the practical components of the course where assessment and treatment techniques for common disorders were explored and practised. It was rewarding to see so many physiotherapists engaged and geared with knowledge so they can now begin to assess and treat this group of clients themselves. 


Feedback has been extremely positive with comments like "One of the most informative and practical courses I've been to." I look forward to training other physiotherapists in the near future, to better equip them in their own workplace with the ultimate goal of improving our vestibular dysfunction clients  quality of life.

If you are interested in some vestibular training for your staff please do get in touch!

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