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And the Gold Star goes to Warren Boyd

Mr Boyd has always lived a very accomplished life, most impressively representing Australia in the 1948 Olympic Games as part of the swimming team. He suffered a stroke just 18 months ago, but true to his spirit made a full recovery. However, as age crept up on him he was feeling weaker and slower and eventually had a fall. As a result, he was seeing a Physiotherapist to get him back on his feet and was eventually referred to our Exercise Physiology team at Advanced Rehab Centre in August 2016.

At the initial assessment, Mr Boyd was walking short distances indoors with a 4 wheeled walker and had a shuffling gait. He required a wheelchair for all outdoor mobility. He was experiencing shortness of breath with the slightest activities and could not get up from a chair without assistance. His main goal was to walk down to the café from his unit for his 90th Birthday. During the assessment, the Exercise Physiologist noticed he had a treadmill and said “you’ll be walking on that soon.” Mr Boyd laughed and said he was dreaming.
Fast Forward 3 months and with lots of hard work and determination Mr Boyd did walk down to the café for his birthday just like he hoped he would. He is now able to mobilize indoors with a single point walking stick, can get up out of a chair independently and most impressively, walks on a treadmill regularly.
A special mention must be given to Mr Boyd’s full-time carer Susan, who ensured Mr Boyd stuck to his home exercise program and achieved his goals. For this reason Mr Warren Boyd has earned his Gold Star award. Congratulations!

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