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Mary is on the move

Mary first came to Advance Rehab Centre in April last year after suffering a stroke during an operation to repair a broken hip. At the time of referral, Mary had just started standing with physical assistance and was only able to tolerate sitting for short periods. She was dependant on an attendant propelled wheelchair for all mobility and the use of a wheelchair accessible taxi to access the community.
Mary has been working very hard with Neurological Physiotherapists Alison Wighton and Melissa Harrison and has made great progress over the past 9 months. Physiotherapy has been delivered in the nursing home where Mary lives, alongside a brief stint of rehab in Hornsby hospital.
Mary is now able to stand and transfer into a normal car with a pivot transfer device. This allows her family to take her out whenever it suits. Mary has enjoyed her son’s wedding, family birthdays, the Melbourne Cup, and Christmas with her family outside of the nursing home. As you can see from the huge smile on her face this is something Mary enjoys immensely.
Mary has now started walking short distances in physiotherapy sessions using a walking frame. We look forward to hearing of Mary’s ongoing improvements.
Keep up the great work Mary!

Categories: Gold Star Award, Stroke recovery, Home based rehabilitation

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