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Parkinson's Disease 


Although physiotherapy and exercise cannot reverse or cure Parkinson's disease, it can likely slow disease progression. At the very least, we know that periods of inactivity in people with Parkinson's disease can lead to further and faster deterioration of the brain's function. At the cellular level, evidence shows us that the right kind of exercise can improve the efficiency of the remaining brain pathways not already destroyed by the disease. Exercise can help to prolong independent function, cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of falls. In more recent studies, intensive exercise programs have also been shown to reduce overall dosage of medication and the associated side-affects.


We launched our Parkinson’s Disease Clinic in 2010 because we saw the increasing number of people with Parkinson's disease who were dropping out of social activities, giving up work prematurely, having falls and basically winding down their life. Most were not seeing a neurological physiotherapist or doing their best at the local gym or pilates class. We knew there had to be a better way.

In 2011 we were the first practice in Australia to become accredited in LSVT BIG, and in 2012 we launched our PD Warrior Program. In 2013 PD Warrior became a program delivered nation wide and internationally. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with Parkinson's disease and the good news is we know how to. The bad news is that whatever you have done until now does not count. You cannot "bank" exercise and you need to keep moving for life. But don't worry, we will be there to guide you every step of the journey.


Contact the office to book an initial assessment with our specialist neurological physiotherapy team. No doctor referral is required, however bookings are essential. Once we have assessed you we will provide you with a treatment plan. We offer a range of programs that can be tailored specifically to you and your needs; 

  • PD POWER is our most popular program designed for maximum results
  • PD Warrior is a challenging circuit class. Do the 10 week challenge to get the best results
  • PD Home when we come to you!
  • LSVT BIG amplitude & protocol based training program
  • Nordic Walking is ideal for people who want to improve their confidence and fitness outdoors.

We also offer home visits, gym programs and the prescription of assistance devices and equipment. Together we can make a plan together to keep you on your feet and doing the things you love doing. Call us today for a FREE phone consultation or book in for an initial assessment. 

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