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body weight support harness over treadmill

Body weight support harness

Following a stroke or brain injury, walking can be difficult due to weakness, spasticity, muscle tightness and sometimes pain. The effort required to walk can be significant and for this reason, training can be limited. A body weight support harness, positioned over a treadmill can often increase the number of 'training' steps by 500%.

Pablo to train the upper limb following stroke or brain injury

Pablo by Tyromotion

Recovery of the upper limb, including the arm and hand does always match the success of the lower limbs. The Pablo is a very sophisticated computer program that is responsive to both movement and strength changes in the upper limb. It uses these parameters in training to work on grasp and release, shoulder movement and wrist strength as part of an intensive upper limb training program. For more info sign up to our upper limb clinic.

Saebo to train upper limb and hand after stroke or brain injury


The hand can be a difficult area to provide good training strategies for following a stroke or brain injury. Devices like the Saebo, can faciliate wrist and finger extension to encourage training in grasp and release. In our clinic we have also found this to be very helpful in improving shoulder strength as well. The Saebo needs to be custom fitted for each person and used as part of an intensive upper limb training program. For fittings and trials register at our upper limb clinic.

body weight support harness over treadmill

Bioness H200

The Bioness is a sophisticated electrical device that can be used to stimulate the muscles in the hand and forearm to help with opening and closing the hand. Used in therapy following a stroke or brain injury, the Bioness can assist with recovery of functional tasks like grasping and releasing objects, opening doors and carrying the shopping. The Bioness needs to be configured for each person and used as part of an intensive upper limb training program. Register for our upper limb clinic.

Agilitas for Freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease

Agilitas for Freezing of Gait

Freezing of gait can be a common problem in the later stages of Parkinson's. Visual cueing has found to be very effective in reducing episodes of freezing. Meet the Agilitas! This is a smart, compact device that turns on automatically during an episode of freezing to provide a visual cue when and where you need it. Trials are available with a full assessment.

The dictus is a device used for foot drop


The dictus is a simple device used commonly to assist with foot drop, when the foot is dragging, catching or tripping you up. It straps around the ankle and then hooks into the eyelets of sneakers or running shoes. The dictus can be a first line of defence for someone who is falling regularly due to tripping however, as it does not provide lateral support to prevent ankle rolling it is always recommended that a full assessment by our team be conducted first.

Home-Based Rehabilitation

Mobile Rehab Innovations is a leading provider of home based rehabilitation within Sydney. Perfect for treating neurological and orthopaedic conditions, home based rehabilitation offers convenience and flexible physiotherapy and occupational therapy delivery where and when you want it. Our team services private homes, nursing homes and residential villages as well as places of work and leisure within metropolitan Sydney.

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Walkaid to improve walking


Foot drop is common in many conditions such as Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, brain injury and peripheral neuropathy. Foot drop can lead to trips, falls and inefficient walking patterns. The WalkAid is a sophisticated device that uses electrical stimulation to innervate muscles that otherwise would not be strong enough to lift the foot when walking. Register for fitting and trial of the WalkAid.

Wii hab for balance training


Wii-Hab can be a great way to train balance and upper limbs. Used in collaboration with a tailored exercise program, Wii uses interactive computer games to increase responsiveness, endurance and repetition. It is very engaging and can be used for competitive training with a training buddy. 

motomed for upper and lower limb training


The Motormed is an exercise bike with a difference. It can be used as an arm crank for the arms, or as bike pedals for the legs. It has an LCD screen that gives great feedback about symmetry from left to right, revolutions per minute, heart rate and many more...even better, it can sense spasms and spasticity and reverse direction.

electrical stimulation to assist with wrist extension

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation machines send an electrical current into muscle to produce a contraction. This can be used to faciliate wrist and finger extension in the hand and forearm. Used for functional training, electrical stimulation devices can help to train grasp and release in very weak muscles or those with significant finger and wrist flexor spasticity.

Sling Hoist and standing hoist for transfers

Transfer hoists

We have a range of transfer hoists available onsite that can enable people to move from wheelchair to equipment items safely. Hoists include sling and standing hoist in addition to the pool hoist.

Cross trainer and Whole Body Vibration machine

Exercise equipment

Our gym offers a range of specialist rehab equipment and machines such as treadmill, cross trainer and whole body vibration that can be used for strength and conditioning training. Many of these machines can be used in conjunction with an overhead harness to ensure safety as well as enable people who are otherwise wheelchair bound to exercise in a supported standing position. We also have parallel bars, double plinths and lots more to get you moving. Register for our NeuroGym circuit.

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